sarah mclachlan: world’s laziest musician

Sarah McLachlan has a new CD out, entitled B-sides, Rarities and Other Stuff, Vol. 2.

This follows on her CD of Christmas cover songs, her live CD, her CD of remixes, her other CD of remixes, her other live CD and the first volume of B-sides, Rarities and Other Stuff. Singlehandedly, McLachlan has obliterated the decades-old music industry paradigm that required a performer to occasionally produce new material in order to shamelessly exploit it through repackaging and regurgitation. And to think Axl Rose has been working for 75 years on Chinese Democracy when he could have just released Sweet Child o’… Yours?

Alas, what with Sarah having already gone to the vault so many times in her career, it seems legitimate to wonder: what could the “other stuff” on her new CD possibly be?

  • really hilarious answering machine message she recorded with husband in 2003 (still in use – she’s been writing a new one since 2005).
  • drunken prank call to pizza parlour (remixed with laugh track, sousaphone and bird chirps, then re-remixed with hand claps and harps, then re-re-remixed with the sound of her producer shooting himself in the head).
  • her kid just going on endlessly about her day at school.
  • that one time she thought she had an idea for a new song but then, apparently, no.
  • cool tune by Arctic Monkeys she taped off the radio using a cassette recorder.
  • seventy-three minutes of awkward silence.

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