She Rocks The Airwaves From Coast To Coast

I’m not saying that this is the title sequence that defines the early ’80s, because, well, I’ve never seen a single episode of the show it belongs to. (Wikipedia says it aired in syndication in 1982-3, just preceding the glut of first-run syndicated comedies.) But come on: a show starring a wisecracking puppet, supported by Corey Feldman and the other girl from Vega$? With a peppy theme song and credits that tell us what everyone’s relationship is to the puppet? This was TV circa 1982.

There have been worse periods for television — there were actually quite a few good shows that started in the 1982-3 season — but thanks to a combination of network desperation and the rise of the first-run syndie market, there have been few eras where more insane (and cheap-looking) stuff made it onto our TV screens.

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