So Coyne is now O’Malley? And Wells is AWOL?

A note: The Monday Mailbag, which usually appears Tuesday, will this week appear Wednesday. Did I just blow your mind?

I could come up with a clever excuse (police snipers?) but the truth is I can’t post it because I’m pinned down by police snipers. Also, I’m emotionally distraught about Paul Wells taking off on vacation in a time of singular political intrigue and potential constitutional crisis. Question: Is Paul really on holiday or will he reappear next week… as Prime Minister of Canada?

[Spoiler alert: holiday.]

But seriously – Andrew Coyne blogging roughly 3,293 times in one 24-hour period? Paul Wells blogging not at all? That Dion guy smiling? There is only so much unprecedentedness we Canadians can take.

If any of Paul’s regular commenters get nostaligic for being scolded, smacked down or confronted with the full force of Wellsian exasperation, just drop on by and I’ll be happy to put you in your place.

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