Speaking Of Filler…

…While I’m working on something else, I need to put up a clip or something, so here’s my pick for the ultimate American ’80s action-show intro. Not the best intro, by a long shot (though I always liked the fake Beach Boys middle section of the theme), not even in the top 20 best intros, but it’s got everything: helicopters, casual use of firearms, car crashes, explosions, male bonding with gratuitous shirtlesness, robots, Mike Post music, and a female character who got dropped after the first few episodes (how could they do that to Honey West, even a middle-aged Honey West?). If Ben Silverman really wants to retool Knight Rider into an ’80s type of show, he needs to have the producers watch this intro over and over and take notes.

Brief history of the show itself (which is on DVD, but doesn’t hold up very well): it was one of several shows unveiled in 1983-84 to cash in on the success of The A-Team, started out fairly successful but imploded after it went up against Moonlighting, as the producers themselves acknowledged in their next-to-last episode.


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