The comic stylings of Tony Clement

The Globe’s Jane Taber reports:

Before sitting down to eat, all [guests at Tony Clement’s 50th birthday party] were required to fill out a long-form census of 40 questions about the Industry Minister. Given the controversy caused this summer over the government’s decision to scrap the mandatory long-form, all the guests had a good laugh.

Ha ha! Oh God, this is sooooo funny, Tony! Just brillllllliant! Because it totally relates back to how you completely neutered the census, right? How you undermined the statistical veracity of a definitive national survey that for decades has provided critical information to the decision makers who shape our public policy and our economy, right? And now you’re having US fill out a long form about YOU! And you can pretend to threaten us with prison and whatnot – or no dessert! My, how jocular! And all to take public pleasure in having, for crass partisan reasons, deprived future generations of leaders of the reliable data they so plainly require! Why, I declare this to be the jape of the season!

Now do one about potash!

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