The CUPID Curse

Here’s how things have gone down:

Paula Marshall got a reputation as a “show killer” because she starred in a lot of bombs like Cupid.

– Last season, she finally landed a lead role in a show that got renewed for a second season: Gary Unmarried.

– Asked to name the person who would inherit Paula’s mantle as Show Killer, Destroyer of Shows, I decided that the best candidate is Sarah Paulson, who has starred in several shows that bombed: Leap of Faith, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip… and the very season that Paula beat the curse, Sarah starred in a bomb called… Cupid! (Yes, she had a recurring role in the second season of Deadwood, but many show killers have managed to land small or recurring roles in non-flops; Paula Marshall had a recurring role in the second season of Spin City.)

From this we can draw only one conclusion: there must always be one Show Killer in the land, and the vessel for the transference of Show Killer status is Cupid. Who will play the female lead in the inevitable third version of Cupid, and thereby be doomed to wander the networks until Jay Mohr can save them?

Of course all of this, like the very idea of a “show killer,” is mistaking luck (an actress happens to be unlucky in the shows she gets) for destiny. But arguing over whether something is luck or destiny is what the Cupid franchise was all about. Which just proves that it’s destiny!

But now we know what Sam Raimi’s next movie will be: a casting director denies a role to an old gypsy woman and is cursed to star in a remake of Cupid.