The Dallas 'Office'

This is one of the better recent examples of the main title mash-up. (It may have been inspired by the Office subplot that revolved around an old Dallas board game. Just like TV today needs cooler theme songs, it needs more tie-in merchandise that we can find in our closets 20 years later.) It does leave out a few of the cast members, but the decision to go outside the clips from the show and use stock footage of the city – making the whole thing into an epic celebration of a city that has no epic qualities – is what makes it work. Besides, Jerold Immel’s theme works with anything. It has to be one of the most durable of all disco-inspired themes.

Update: As noted by Anthony Strand in comments, an Office board game does exist, so we can expect it to turn up on a show in 2035, and the whole cycle will begin anew.


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