The Day After

Let the Republican presidential primaries begin! Step right up, Sarah Palin.

So the election is over; now let the Republican presidential primaries begin!

Step right up,  Sarah Palin

“In New Hampshire, which holds the first primary, Ms. Palin can count on the support of its newest senator, Kelly Ayotte. When the presidential campaign moves to South Carolina, the state’s new governor, Nikki Haley, will owe her one.”

NYT: Palin Proves that Mama Grizzly Has Bite

And how long before the just-elected young, telegenic, Hispanic, conservative, Tea Party-approved-but-not-weird Marco Rubio starts running for the president? Hey, how long was Obama in the Senate before he ran?


The Tea Party probably cost Republicans Senate seats in Delaware and Nevada, but they helped the party elsewhere by allowing voters to punish incumbents and still vote Republican. But John Boehner the soon-t0-be Speaker of the House, vowed last night to Tea Party activists that “I will never let you down.” Rand Paul, the new senator-elect from Kentucky, said he will begin today building up the “Tea Party caucus” in the House. There will be some interesting times ahead for Republicans when it comes to setting the federal budget and debating raising the debt ceiling.


Meanwhile, Obama will hold a press conference at 1pm.