The Legend of the Iggy

Never laid eyes on it myself, you understand. But I heard the tales.

We all heard the tales.

Twenty-foot tall if it was a foot. Voice like thunder. Glowed from the inside, some say.

From the inside.

Them creatures of the forest – your squirrels and deer and such – they’d sense its presence. They could feel it a-comin’. Feel it in their bones, right? And, well, heh heh – you ain’t never seen scurryin’ like that.

No, sir, I don’t reckon you ever have.

I don’t reckon it at all.

There’s some folk – this ain’t me saying it, but it’s been said – there’s some folk say it could bend an entire United Nations assembly to its will without possessing so much as a platform as Prime Minister.

Like you or I would twist an elastic. Easy-like. Showin’ no strain, if you see what I’m getting at.

Crazy, right? Couldn’t be true, right?

’Cept it is. So the story goes, anyway.

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