The NDP memo: speaking truth(ish) to power (loosely defined)

Cue chorus from 'Wind Beneath My Wings'

Postmedia has “obtained exclusively” a copy of a memo prepared by NDP strategist Brad Lavigne for the eyes of party leader Jack Layton. That sounds like trouble because internal political memos tend to convey an honest and frank assessment of the lay of the land and a party’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Get ready to see some dirty NDP laundry (mostly polyester shirts and Grandma undies, I assume).

Here’s what Lavigne tells Layton, according to the Postmedia report:

  • Your party is ready to go for an election.
  • The NDP is prepared to wage an “aggressive” campaign on a budget that’s “the largest in our party’s history.”
  • The NDP “base” has solidified behind your leadership.
  • Every New Democrat MP – every single one – will be re-elected.
  • The NDP will win many seats currently held by the Conservatives.
  • Many Liberal voters “do like you” and are “very willing to vote NDP.”
  • Michael Ignatieff is no threat and he’s going to quit politics as soon as he loses.

Whew. Bracing stuff. That had to be tough for Layton to read, in that it left out the part about him having soft hands, a captivating singing voice and the raw charisma of a young Marlon Brando. In conclusion, Mr. Layton, the strategic landscape is such that [cue chorus from Wind Beneath My Wings].

It’s almost as if – no, it’s crazy even to think it – but it’s almost as if they wanted someone in the media to “obtain exclusively” this memo…

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