The ultimate Rick Roll

The thing about this “Mad Men Performs Never Gonna Give You Up” video that jumps out at everyone (and jumped out at you, if you’ve already seen it) is the superb editing. The creator had to go through all the episodes to find the necessary clips, which is as much a part of editing as actually joining the bits together, and then assemble them in a way that fits in with the rhythm of the song. I think my favourite bit is the unexpected use of “good spy” instead of “goodbye” at one point; the fact that every other word is perfectly matched up in sound makes that one different sound really funny.

The other thing I noted is that I’ve always thought “Stock Aitken Waterman” would make a great name for an advertising agency, so it was about time they joined forces with Mad Men. Now we just need to find a show that can be mashed up with Kylie Minogue’s I Should Be So Lucky. I wonder if “Luck” would work?

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