The Ultimate Series Finale

Just a quick filler clip while I’m working on something else: many new shows this TV season will fail, and some of them will go off the air after 13 episodes. But it’s a bet that none of them will end their 13th and last episode like I Married Dora, a 13-episode flop from the late ’80s. It was one of the most unusual eras of U.S. network TV and certainly the era most awash in meta-humour, but even regular viewers of Moonlighting (on the same network) were a little surprised to see this show end like this, with no warning whatsoever:

This seemed to be a thing for ABC shows of the era; Sledge Hammer! ended its first season by blowing up and apparently killing all the characters, and when it unexpectedly came back for a second season, they said it happened before the events of the first season finale.