There’s Pain Around My Eyes And My Nose Is Stuffed Up!

Some things don’t make sense to anyone but you, but you have to share them anyway. So it is with this commercial, one of my most vivid TV-viewing memories from my childhood: a Canadian commercial for Sinutab with two cops, one of whom can’t perform his duties because he’s too busy stroking his face and groaning about his headache. Fortunately his bad-ass buddy keeps a pack of Sinutab in his pocket and saves the day. But even after he’s cured, the headache cop still can’t stop making weird faces and sounds. I think this may be the first time I became very worried about the effectiveness of our police force.


You used to see a lot of commercials like that, commercials that had a three-act story in 30 seconds. Guy has headache, guy’s buddy gives him Sinutab, guy is miraculously cured. Now, not so much; most commercials, if they do have a story, will tell a story that’s not directly related to the effectiveness of the product. Like those kids who keep making fun of their friends in that cell-phone commercial. I would not want to hang out with them; I seriously think they must be the Trix kids grown into equally obnoxious teenagers.

There’s another commercial from around the same time, that I didn’t see, that brings this relationship into the world of athletics.


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