They Can Do Anything With Computers Now

The other Super-Bowl-Ad-related video I’d like to direct your attention to is this side-by-side comparison of a promotional ad with the original clips it’s taken from. The promo assembled a bunch of scenes from popular TV comedies and digitally altered most of them to include football jerseys and other logos and paraphernalia. As we’ve already seen with the famous video about digitally-created backgrounds in TV shows, digital technology is advanced enough so that they can do this kind of thing almost seamlessly. They can also change the look of a show: a non-comedy, The Sopranos, has the lighting and colour scheme changed so it looks more like a comedy.

Of course it probably takes a fair amount of money to do it well. When How I Met Your Mother put all those numbers into the background of the “countdown” episode, it was often pretty obvious that they had been digitally added in post. But HIMYM may not have had the kind of money to make the digital additions blend in perfectly.


(Found via The HeldenFiles.)

The lack of money may well be the only thing stopping colourization and other digital alterations from really coming back in full force; there probably is the technology now to do computer colourization better than it was done in Ted Turner’s heyday, but it would take a larger investment than most studios are willing to make. Still, I would not be at all surprised if, eventually, the studios start undertaking a program of alterations to their movie and TV catalogues. I don’t want to give them ideas, but it is now possible to add product placement to their old shows and make extra money on the reruns. Scary but true.


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