This May Well Be the Greatest Work of Art Since SIDNEY WHITE

This may be the weirdest idea for an hour-long network show in quite some time:

FOX has given a put pilot commitment to a legal dramedy based on “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

…The pilot would focus on young lawyer Georgia Burnett. Banished from a job at a top law firm by her evil stepmother, she takes a job at a small firm of seven quirky lawyers.

Actually, the modern-day Snow White thing was already done successfully in the movie Ball of Fire (a stripper hides out with seven nerdy professors) as well as unsuccessfully in the aforementioned Amanda Bynes movie. It just seems strange to make it the basis for an entire series — granted, anything described as a “dramedy” is automatically going to be a little arch, but self-conscious parallels with a well-known fairy tale just kicks it up a notch from “arch” to… I don’t know, “arch-arch?”

Oh, well, let’s not forget that Snow White has already been done for TV, twenty years ago. People are still arguing over whether Caitlin O’Heaney was a better Snow White than her replacement Carol Huston. And by “people” I mean “nobody.”