Top 10 list from the home office in David Letterman’s pants…

Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Letterman’s Affairs:

10. Needed drumroll to finish.

9. Craig Ferguson contractually obligated to go next.

8. Encounters only happened after shows on which Richard Simmons guested.

7. Afterward, bedroom littered with cue cards reading, “Oooooooo. Yes. YES!!

6. Brought Biff Henderson along to keep things moving.

5. Three words: wore Conan wig.

4. Kept asking girl if she’d stick around while he brought out Marv Albert.

3. That Learning Annex course on being Bill Clinton’s wingman wasn’t going to complete itself.

2. Staffers’ alluring curves reminded him of a young Bud Melman.

And the No. 1 little-known fact about Letterman’s affairs:

It was either that or watch Leno, so…

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