Unexpected Canada

From France’s best economic columnist, Eric Le Boucher(DIRE WARNING: Following the link will plunge you into many words of…French!!!):

“Who knew that the number of French businesses ranked in the FT500 (the 500 largest in the world according to the Financial Times) has gone from 18 in 1996 to 31 in 2008? Three quarters of the CAC40 are therefore in the top rank of world champions. Proof, if any were needed, that there is a France that’s winning: that of large business groups. For 12 years they have known how to conquer.

“Of course they’re not alone. The FT500 gives us news from the battlefronts of the economic war. Japan appears as the big loser. It had 110 of its giants ranked in 1996, today only 39 remain (-71). The United States is the second loser, passing from 203 to 169 (-34). Then Great Britain, which falls from 46 to 33 (-13). Among the winners, France is third behind the expected China (which went from 0 to 25) and the unexpected Canada, which rises from 10 to 24.”

There’s much more, but from this side of the Atlantic that’s an interesting start.

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