TV super-blogger and House super-fan Diane Wild brings it all together in an interview with House writer David Hoselton. She also has an extra at her own blog which, as a fellow U of T law school graduate (though my parallels with him end there), I kind of appreciate:

Law school was a mistake. Being a lawyer looked cool on TV. Halfway through second year law at U of T, I discovered that television lied to me.

Moral of the story? Instead of being lied to by television about the law, go into television and lie to us about medicine instead. There are people now who, seeing episodes of House written by ex-lawyers, will go to medical school and discover that medicine isn’t like House told them it would be, so they’ll get jobs writing for lawyer shows, inspiring a future generation of Davids Hoselton and Shore to go to law school and, later, write medical shows. And thus goes the cycle of renewal and rebirth.

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