Weekend Viewing: "No Comment"

I’m still looking for a good election-themed drama or adventure episode on YouTube, but haven’t found one so far, at least not a complete episode. I’ll have a dramatic election story up next weekend, though. (If anyone has suggestions for next week, send them my way.) Meanwhile here’s another election-themed comedy episode that is available on YouTube, WKRP‘s “Carlson For President,” which follows the law that every comedy series must, at some point, do an episode where a character runs for City Council, or, at most, Mayor of a small town. (Night Court upped the ante by having Dan run for State Assembly. But that’s the big time; City Council is where the action is.) Another rule is that the campaign for City Council must be run entirely by the person’s friends or co-workers, though at least Mr. Carlson doesn’t make the mistake Ted Baxter made when he let freakin’ Phyllis run his campaign.

This episode also contains at least half a dozen Richard Nixon references, which is odd considering it was made in 1979; it would be the equivalent of an episode today awash in Bill Clinton references. Though come to think of it, Chris Rock may be working on that very concept right now.

Opening scene and theme song:


Act One:


Act Two (the debate):