Weekend Viewing: THE FALL GUY

Another Glen A. Larson production, perhaps his most entertainingly stupid show of all: starring Lee Majors and his many stunt doubles (but that’s actually Lee Majors singing the theme song), and featuring the same mixture every week: lots of stunts, and lots of T&A from Heather Thomas and/or Markie Post (who joined the show in the second season; alas, the first season, pre-Post, didn’t sell well enough to warrant further releases).

Fun trivia: a writer for the show once said that he agreed with the comments on Jumptheshark.com that The Fall Guy jumped the shark when they stopped putting Heather Thomas and Markie Post in bikinis every week. Apparently in a later season, Majors, who had a producer credit, decided that he wanted to re-invent himself as a sensitive guy and have less sexism and exploitation on his show. Big mistake. Fortunately this is from the second season, and Thomas is summoned by Majors for no apparent reason other than to appear in a bikini. And like every Larson show, it has a bizarre lack of self-awareness; he just doesn’t do tongue-in-cheek.

Part 1 is above the fold, the rest of the episode (with the annoying watermark, unfortunately) can be found by clicking “Read More.”






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