Well Played, Heigl

You may have heard that Katherine Heigl withdrew her name from Emmy consideration this year because “I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination.”

The speculation everywhere is about whether she actually wanted to, as she put it, “maintain the integrity of the academy organization,” or whether this was just a stunt to call attention to how under-utilized she has been on Grey’s Anatomy. It sure seems like the latter to me, and if it’s a stunt, it’s a really smart one. If she’d gone to the press complaining (with some justification) that she’s not getting enough to do, most publications wouldn’t consider that major news, and those publications that did run the story would portray her as kind of whiny. This way, she gets top-of-the-page entertainment news coverage for a story that basically amounts to the exact same thing — Katherine Heigl feels she’s not getting enough to to on the show. And so the story about her under-utilization and the crummy material she has to work with is now getting wide play, without the “Hollywood actor complains” angle that would otherwise be placed on it. Well played, says I.