We're playing checkers… they're playing chess. Badly.

Where to begin. Oh, almost randomly, let’s start with this choice couple of paragraphs from Tonda MacCharles, who was actually invited to today’s hijinx:

“Party officials said the (RCMP/Elections Canada) search was sweeping and ‘outrageous.’
“Dropping the moderate language about a ‘visit’ from investigators, supported by the RCMP, they said Elections Canada ‘stormed’ the party’s headquarters.”

As a rule, a 180-degree turnaround in your spin is a sign of disarray. But the hints of disarray were not exactly thin on the ground today. I commend the gleeful prose of our Kady O’Malley to your attention. For Kady was one of many reporters not invited to today’s Tory party spin-festival. I was another. Kady, sadly for best-laid plans, caught wind of the event and when she inquired, managed to get the briefing/ 180-degree spin turnaround moved, in haste, from one downtown Ottawa hotel to the other. She learned about the second location too and, when she showed up, discovered many un-invited reporters had been tipped off anyway.

Fun results: While Tonda cannot identify the “Conservative officials,” we can because we didn’t agree to anything. Say hello to Ryan Sparrow, Doug Finley and Ipso Lepsoe. I’m told the CBC has footage of them fleeing the scene. Whoopsie.

Other fun result: CanWest was invited and then, as Kady mentions, un-invited when the Senior Conservative Tippy-Top Genius Guys discovered the day’s reporter would be David Akin, who (a) rocks (b) got his hands on the warrant anyway.

So the attempt at spin control has turned into headlines like this, and all in all I think I’m going to stop complaining about the Tories’ relations with the press gallery because I’m ready to hit the button that says More Like This, Please.

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