Where In The World And When In Time Is Jason Jones?

This is hardly the most consequential thing about the aftermath of the Iran election (or “election” if you prefer), but it will be interesting to see what’s been going on with Jason Jones of The Daily Show. (Part of their all-Canadian couple, since he’s married to Samantha Bee.) In the last episode, we saw that he’d actually, for real, gone to Tehran to cover the election, and Stewart promised more reports “as soon as we find a way to translate all the footage.” There doesn’t seem to be any word on where he was after the election; presumably Stewart will address it in some way on tonight’s episode.

In any case, events have rendered irrelevant TDS’s original take on the election, which was to have Jones as the clueless American observer who is reporting on Iran through the prism of the one or two pieces of information he had going in. (This type of reporting, in real life, led to either a mis-perception of Mousavi’s chances or a mis-perception of the potential for election-rigging — or, more likely, both.) Jon even had a line about how Iran has a more “vibrant democracy” than we thought, a line which he may well use for one of those ironic flashback bits that he and Colbert frequently do. So now, assuming Jones is all right, whatever footage he and his producer got will have to be threaded into a different narrative.

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