Which Intro is More Depressing?

Quick question for connoisseurs of bad late-in-the-run television intros. Which Garry Marshall/Paramount/Miller-Boyett sitcom had the more depressing intro in the 1982-83 season?

Was it Happy Days, the show that literally invented shark-jumping, with its intro for the season when Joanie and Chachi had left for their short-lived spinoff (Richie and Ralph, of course, had been gone for years) and a bunch of new characters had been introduced including: A spunky single mother for Fonzie to date, her cute  daughter played by the late Heather O’Rourke, a guy named Flip with ’80s hair and a bare midriff, and a teenage girl played by a young Crystal Bernard, not to mention the already-there Ted McGinley? The cast was so bad that year that Anson Williams got third billing just by default.

Or was it Laverne and Shirley, with the same title but without Shirley, and — in most episodes, and in the credits — without Lenny? (Is there a sadder shot than Squiggy at the jukebox alone?)

Tough choice. Tough, tough choice.

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