Why our PM may be wearing a swinger’s bathrobe by August

What are we doing wrong here in Canada? We get Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff and a summer’s worth of debate about the mechanics of Employment Insurance administration. Meanwhile, America gets Obama, France gets a hot first lady who’s posed naked and Italy gets Silvio Berlusconi, a leader who’s just like Kim Jong Il, except with women instead of insanity.

I recommend reading widely on the topic of the Italian Prime Minister’s exploits, conquests and orange, orange makeup – and not just because one of the articles quotes a woman who goes by the name of Long Thighs, though mostly for that reason. (This revelation will surely come as a shock to John Baird, who surely believed that nickname was his alone.)

Another enjoyably European paragraph about the 72-year-old Berlusconi’s love of “love”:

For Vittorio Sgarbi, a former centre-Right deputy Culture Minister, it is even simpler: men of power need a lot of sex. “If Berlusconi does not gain sexual satisfaction he governs badly.”

Question: Is this true only in Italy or everywhere? Does the Prime Minister need to refrain from having sex on the eve of a big vote? Also, if this theory were legitimate, wouldn’t John F. Kennedy have needed only about three days to solve civil rights, thwart Soviet imperialism and put a man on the moon?

One last point of interest: next month’s G8 summit will be hosted by… Silvio Berlusconi. Memo to Stephen Harper: don’t forget to bring your car keys.

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