Women and men: still not the same

Since we here at Maclean’s decided, right out of the starting blocks, to declare the women’s vote the big factor to  watch in this campaign, I’ve been intrigued to keep track of how this aspect of the election debate plays out.

So it’s interesting to see Bruce Anderson of Decima-Harris pointing to urban women under 40 as the key to any Conservative breakthrough, and suggesting that Stephen Harper’s surprising pre-campaign edge with this crucial slice of the electorate might already have fizzled.

By the way, if you imagine that the difference in outlook between male and female voters who look to occupy similar positions in society—let’s say, educated, career-oriented, well-informed—must be slight, think again. New research suggests the opposite: the closer the social status of men and women, the further their personalities diverge—men more competitive and reckless, women more cooperative and cautious.

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