your friday morning caption contest

What is happening in this photograph?

a) Responding to soaring gas prices, Cadillac introduces its more fuel-efficient SUV.

b) In a desperate effort to remain in the public eye, Britney Spears undergoes surgery to make herself 30 feet tall.

c) That bottle of water? Jam-packed with gamma radiation.

d) Just trying to catch the eye of some hot dude on a tricycle.

Actual answer: Britney Spears sits in her child’s toy car during a play date.

Better answer: Maybe you have one? Leave your caption ideas in the comments below. The winner (to be judged by a panel of me) will receive Something From My House. Will it be my stapler? A paperclip? My other stapler? Think of it as the New Yorker caption contest but with a much higher likelihood of someone mentioning the word “thong.”

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