University and college compensation, coast to coast

University and college compensation, coast to coast


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Who’s in the $500,000 club?

Who is Canada’s most highly paid academic? Surprise: he isn’t a university president

College presidents: gaining on their higher-paid university peers

The pay of college executives still trails that of universities, but they’re catching up

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Which university presidents make more than Obama?

Compared to Obama, uni presidents are overpaid. But compared to CEOs, they’re a bargain

Go West, ambitious university president

Pay packages appear to be bigger out West — but that may be because BC and Alberta disclosure is more honest

Financial crisis in the university sector? What crisis?

To look at the presidents’ paychecks, you’d never know universities were desperately short of cash

Who is Ontario’s top paid professor?

Business and medical professors are making more than ever before

Full university presidential contracts

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