Ontario's recession-era grads did alright

High employment rates. Steady wages.

One of the biggest surveys that gauges how university graduates have fared in the workplace was published this week and the results show that university is still a very good bet for most people.

The figures come from a survey of nearly 20,000 graduates from Ontario’s class of 2008, courtesy of the Council of Ontario Universities. Despite the global recession that has hampered employment since 2008, nearly 19 out of 20 graduates (93.8 per cent) were in jobs by 2010.

83.5 per cent of their jobs were somewhat or closely related to their fields of study, higher than usual.

The jobs paid well too, $49,469 on average, which is slightly higher than the median income for all Canadians. (Remember, these students were only two years into their careers.) But pay is stagnant. In fact,  it was slightly higher for 2004 and 2006 graduates two years after their convocations.

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