Canada’s Best Jobs: The Top 100 Jobs

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This is our definitive ranking of Canada’s Best Jobs. Each year, we use our proprietary weighting method to crunch publicly available data from Statistics Canada and Economic and Social Development Canada. The result is this ranking of Canada’s Top 100 Jobs.

You can sort the list by clicking or tapping the column headers below. Sort by median salary to find the jobs with the fattest pay cheques; sort by five-year wage growth to see which fields have the fastest-growing salaries—that can indicate a shortage of qualified candidates (and opportunity for you); or sort by five-year growth in the number of people in the field—those are the places that have been on hiring sprees (but watch out; that doesn’t mean they’ll continue the streak).

Finally, we’ve compiled in-depth profiles of each of Canada’s Top 25 Jobs — click or tap on any highlighted job title for more about qualifications, training and the job market for that field.

Outlook shows the projected demand for employees in the field in 2022, as measured by Employment and Social Development Canada:
 = more than 1 job available per job seeker — lots of opportunity
 = about 1 job available per job seeker — balanced opportunity
 = less than 1 job available per job seeker — low opportunity

RankJob TitleMedian Salary5 Year Wage Growth5 Year Employee GrowthOutlook†
1Public Administration Director$106,66217.08%39.20%
2Nurse Practitioner$84,51019.50%0.00%
3Mining & Forestry Manager$100,00611.12%39.50%
4Pipefitting Supervisor$89,39834.31%4.10%
5Utilities Manager$112,32020.00%6.00%
6Telecommunication Manager$86,52815.94%5.30%
7Real Estate & Financial Manager$103,37629.43%8.50%
8Economic Development Director$114,40012.89%-10.80%
10Elevator Mechanic$83,84416.44%94.40%
12Corporate Sales Manager$85,00927.52%-6.50%
13Locomotive Engineer$73,34023.72%14.80%
14Aerospace Engineer$89,00332.85%9.10%
15Specialized Engineer$85,00915.13%79.10%
16Deck Officer$72,80016.67%18.20%
17Business Services Manager$85,50831.55%-16.80%
18Petroleum & Chemical Process Engineer$104,00014.39%-9.10%
19Urban Planner$86,32015.82%27.50%
20*Police Officer$83,99015.83%-1.80%
20*Software Engineer$90,00112.51%45.00%
23Pilot or Flying Instructor$76,96017.31%14.80%
24Mining & Quarrying Supervisor$72,80012.90%38.30%
25Construction Manager$79,99612.00%31.40%
26Economist & Policy Researcher$86,86014.51%1.90%
27Industrial Technician$79,04015.15%17.90%
28*University Professor$91,99817.60%2.10%
28*Scientific Research Manager$91,99813.73%34.90%
30Information Systems Analyst$79,9969.89%25.50%
31Social Policy Researcher$74,67216.67%41.20%
32Health & Community Service Manager$104,5404.71%-35.00%
33Electrical & Telecommunications Contractor$76,79311.04%13.30%
34Purchasing Manager$84,57218.34%0.00%
35Occupational Therapist$79,99615.39%15.40%
36*Post-Secondary School Administrator$93,60015.38%-7.80%
36*Head Nurse & Medical Supervisor$82,1189.67%25.80%
38Computer Systems Manager$100,00615.74%43.20%
39Senior Business Manager$100,00619.45%-12.80%
41Marketing & Public Relations Manager$83,20019.62%-13.80%
42Banking & Credit Manager$88,00424.99%-14.70%
43Electronics Engineer$85,0097.61%-0.60%
44Oil & Gas Well Operator$75,00420.20%5.50%
46Manufacturing Manager$79,9967.70%12.90%
47Audiologist or Speech-Language Pathologist$83,2007.07%23.70%
49Engineering Inspectors & Regulators$80,03829.39%25.00%
50Computer Engineer$83,2007.53%29.70%
51Engineering Manager$105,99615.22%18.90%
52Facility Manager$74,88029.12%-15.30%
53Business Development Officer$69,32615.53%108.10%
54Respiratory Therapists$70,72013.33%27.60%
55Education Policy Resarcher or Consultant$73,13214.27%15.20%
56Chemical Engineer$85,00916.77%-12.60%
57Concrete Finisher$62,40024.64%4.50%
58Heavy Construction Equipment Supervisor$66,56018.52%20.70%
59Registered Nurse$74,8805.11%17.40%
60*Oil & Gas Drilling Supervisor$79,9969.89%-4.00%
60*Mechanical Trades Supervisor$65,99811.06%38.80%
62Health Care Manager$91,0009.38%-7.30%
63Secondary School Teacher$83,20015.21%-6.60%
64Avionics Mechanic$75,00416.32%-23.20%
65Financial Manager$86,23614.98%-14.00%
66Social, Community & Correctional Services Manager$70,99010.92%31.50%
67College Instructor$72,80013.31%11.20%
68School Principal & Administrator$93,9957.70%-7.80%
69Carpentry Supervisor$64,48015.16%160.70%
70Senior Government Manager$97,7607.82%-31.10%
72Industrial Electrician$69,68015.52%22.40%
73Statistician or Actuary$83,99018.59%18.70%
74Financial Planner$65,00017.17%20.60%
75Mapping Technician$67,16323.48%30.50%
76Mechanical Engineer$79,99615.95%-12.40%
77Database Analyst$69,9925.98%26.20%
78Construction Inspector$64,8126.35%46.20%
79Health & Occupation Inspector$71,4688.08%21.20%
80Oil Refinery Process Operator$76,9608.82%1.50%
81Elementary School & Kindergarten Teacher$75,50410.10%6.10%
82Civil Engineer$80,08010.00%6.10%
83Electrical Engineer$64,48019.23%13.00%
85Investment Dealer$69,32616.95%6.80%
86Financial Auditor or Accountant$66,12315.73%13.10%
87Industrial Engineer$74,0061.74%16.70%
88Power Plant Operator$69,99212.17%3.90%
89Human Resources Manager$82,2844.24%11.10%
90Power Line & Cable Worker$72,8009.38%-6.00%
93Account Executive & Consultant$72,0098.12%22.60%
94Natural Resources Policy Analyst$79,5808.14%17.30%
95Probation & Parole Officer$74,8807.59%16.70%
96Financial Auditor$60,00820.21%-8.60%
97Social Worker$67,1639.90%19.30%
98Avionics Assembler or Inspector$61,85910.15%7.50%
99*Longshore Worker$70,72013.33%17.00%
99*Radiation Technologist$68,6409.56%18.90%

* indicates a tie

† Outlook shows the projected demand for employees in the field in 2022, as measured by Employment and Social Development Canada:
 = more than 1 job available per job seeker — lots of opportunity
 = about 1 job available per job seeker — balanced opportunity
 = less than 1 job available per job seeker — low opportunity

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