Year Ahead

The Year Ahead: Politics in 2024

Immigration, LGBTQ+ rights and language laws will raise provincial hackles, while Justin Trudeau’s long-time leadership might be on shaky ground. Meanwhile, the next Oval Office occupant will have a ripple effect on Canada’s relationship with its closest neighbour.

Canadian film will stay stuck in the past—for now

If we expand our idea of what Canadian film means, we can watch our industry boom 

More Canadian schools will say no to smartphones 

Whether distraction or addiction, devices will keep getting kicked out of classrooms

Cities will learn to live with encampments

Tent cities are here to stay, thanks to increasing support from the courts

Sport-ticket prices are going to balloon out of reach

As old favourites grow costlier, fans will start seeking new teams and new experiences

The Year Ahead: Sports in 2024

Canada’s men’s basketball team will make its first Olympic appearance since 2000, and soccer superstars are building our first women’s pro league. Pickleball’s popularity isn’t dying down anytime soon—but Hockey Canada remains on the rocks. 

The Year Ahead: Climate in 2024

Canadian premiers will battle the feds over renewable energy projects and emissions caps, while cities and communities will prep for fires and floods with innovative new emergency-readiness plans

The Year Ahead: Housing in 2024

Interest rates will finally give it a rest, while household debt spirals out of control. Cities will flood the market with rental projects (and ask provinces to foot the bill). And new housing stock will crop up in creative places—office buildings, laneways and tiny-home communities.

The Year Ahead: Science and Technology in 2024

The AI revolution will transform the way scientists think and do business, while regulators will struggle to keep up. At the same time, new frontiers like hydrogen power, quantum computing and agetech will keep gaining steam.

More grocery stores will sell lab-grown dairy products 

By fermenting milk the way we brew beer, we can disrupt Canada’s dairy industry 

The Year Ahead: Food in 2024

The federal government will apply pressure to skyrocketing grocery prices, while food banks will struggle to keep up with demand. Canadians will have more options for sustainably grown meat but fewer pickings for pasta—and less interest in any wine to pair with it. 

The Year Ahead: Business in 2024

Slowing inflation and rising incomes will provide relief, even as the threat of an economic slowdown looms. Canadian business stalwarts like Indigo and Irving Oil are in for serious change. And fast-evolving AI will keep transforming everything.