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Childfree by choice

Why I Chose Not to Have Kids

Jenna Ross wasn’t sure she wanted to become a parent. The climate crisis clinched her decision.

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Naheed Nenshi Loves the Drama

Calgary’s centrist ex-mayor will have to win over skeptical NDP voters—and take on Danielle Smith—to reclaim Alberta. He’s looking forward to it.

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Private Health Care Is Here

A growing number of Canadians pay out of pocket for MRIs, hip replacements, even family doctor visits. How a two-tiered system crept into Canada.

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An International Student’s Dilemma

“People blame international students like me for the housing crisis. I’m thinking of leaving.”

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A Lakeside Vintage Wonderland

An Etsy seller fills her lakeside B.C. cottage with secondhand treasures

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The Case For Refugee Reception Centres

Asylum seekers are arriving in Canada in record numbers, sleeping in shelters, churches and sometimes on the street. Reception centres are a more humane approach. 

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A Restaurant Ended Tipping—Then Brought It Back

We wanted to pay our staff a living wage and waive tipping. Rising costs forced us to revert to the old ways.

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Why I Left Public Education

I spent 21 years in Hamilton schools. Drastic budget cuts and a rise in violence caused me to leave that world for good.

A photo of a child sitting on the ground between two parents' legs.

The Rise of the One-and-Done Family

Many Canadian couples are having just one kid. Why a declining birth rate spells trouble for the country’s future.

A picture of red dresses hanging in the snow
the winnipeg murders

A Killer Among Them

In the spring of 2022, four women went missing within the same few blocks in downtown Winnipeg. This spring, the man accused of their murders will go on trial. So will the city they all called home.

A young boy in a white t-shirt and blue jeans sits cross-legged and stares intently ahead, holding a gaming console in his hand

A group of Canadian parents say their kids are so addicted to the video game Fortnite that they’ve stopped eating, sleeping and showering. Now these parents want to hold its tech-giant creator accountable.

A photo of a bearded man wearing a baseball cap
climate change

Drought Killed My Farm

Our family farm has thrived in Alberta for more than a century—but the dire weather conditions of the past few years have spelled its end

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big idea

Give All Canadian Workers Paid Sick Leave

Canadians are working while ill to avoid losing income. Instituting country-wide sick-leave policies is a healthier option.

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Why Canada Has So Many Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity boss Sami Khoury tells us how crime plays out in the Cyber Wild West

Kingsley Madu

I Help Immigrants Build New Lives (and Credit)

My family and I were denied housing, car rentals and even hotel reservations, all because we didn’t have a credit card.


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100 Canadians Shaping the Country this year

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My Trans Awakening—at Age 66

I came out after a lifetime in the closet. Now, I’ve found a community of people just like me in Calgary’s Rainbow Elders.

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modern living

Parenting Off the Grid

It’s harder—and more wonderful—than I ever imagined

A photo of a hip x-ray
going private

I Paid $22k For Private Surgery

With wait times getting longer by the year, the choice was easy

12 Neighbours founder Marcel LeBrun at the 12 Neighbours warehouse. (Photography by Chris Donovan)
housing hero

Fredericton’s Tiny-Home Revolution

Marcel LeBrun made millions as a software tycoon, then funnelled his fortune into 12 Neighbours, a planned community of 99 affordable tiny homes in Fredericton. For the city’s unhoused, it’s a chance to turn their luck around.


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A Plant Lover’s Paradise

A spiralling roof, a 60-foot waterfall, “dinosaur trees”—how architects breathed new life into Winnipeg’s The Leaf

A photo of a woman with a pixie cut, wearing a green hoodie, brown cardigan, black pants, and red sneakers. She's standing in front of a small blue cottage with a red door.
buying and selling

I Bought a Group of B.C. Cottages—With Strangers

When the home I loved went on the market in 2021, a friend suggested I start a collective to buy it. I said, “Oh come on, that’s ridiculous.” But the idea stuck in my head.

A split photo. On the left is the front of a pink house. On the right is a woman in blue jeans, a white top, and a blue cardigan standing in front of the front door.
home improvement

Inside a Real-Life Barbie Dreamhouse

Seasoned home renovator Rebekah Higgs created her own all-pink palace, which she shares with her daughter and dog 

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home improvement

From Creepy Basement to Swanky Speakeasy

“Now we have a club in our basement.”


A lineup of graduates in blue robes and caps, with orange sashes

The Ultimate Guide to Canadian Universities 2024

Getting into top programs is increasingly competitive. Our Ultimate Guide to Canadian Universities is here to help.

Two smiling students in front of a colourful background

How to win a big scholarship

A strong vision, hard work and plenty of smarts are needed to impress scholarship juries. Here’s the inside story on how these students beat the odds.

A pair of hands holding a mug of coffee

My budget as a university student in Canada

Being a student can be expensive. Three undergrads share where the money goes. 

A person sitting at a computer with their arms being controlled by a robot

ChatGPT is everywhere. What’s fair use for students trying to get into university?

“It’s not about ‘how do we catch the cheaters?’ That’s not a forward way of thinking.” 



Hundreds of tenants, struggling to afford skyrocketing rents, are refusing to pay their landlords at all. They call it a rent strike. The landlords say it’s illegal. An inside look at the frontier of a growing class war.

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