Anthony A. Davis

Hanke holds a recently caught wall lizard near his Victoria home (Photograph by Alana Paterson)

The wall lizard invasion of Vancouver Island

Decades ago, wall lizards from the Mediterranean got a toehold near Victoria. Now they’re island-hopping.
The Exosuit 2000 (Photograph by Jen Osborne)

The prolific Canadian inventor behind the ’Ironsuit’

Phil Nuytten, 79, created the 2.1 metre-tall, 1,400 lb apparatus designed to keep any human pilot inside from being squeezed to death by the pressures of the deep sea
In an effort to curb moss on the rooftops, a contractor sprinkled them with Tide; the result was green spaces overrun with suds

Using Tide to kill roof moss is a bad idea. Some B.C. condo owners learned that the hard way.

An estimated 100 kilograms of the detergent was sprinkled over some 120 rooftops. Soon after began what might be described as a suds-flood.
After months of research, Randelovic quit his job to focus on day trading just before COVID hit; ‘I’ve had to become comfortable with losing,’ he says (no credit)

The life of a pandemic day trader

A booming market, the promise of easy riches—what could go wrong?!
Calgary International Airport

Why it’s getting more expensive for Canadians to fly

And why travellers should brace for more fare increases in the year ahead
WLU Student Demonstrations 20180320

Will new rules around free speech on campus wind up silencing protestors?

Ontario and Alberta universities have been told to draft new free-speech policies that could sanction those who oppose them

Harbour Air: The airline on the path to an all-electric, zero-emission fleet

With regulatory approval, the world’s first ever commercial flight of an electric plane with paying customers could happen in 2021
Alberta Well Reclamation 20161030

Bankrupt oil companies are saddling Alberta landowners with ’orphan wells’

The Orphan Well Association is tasked with cleaning up the environmental messes left behind, but it’s having trouble keeping up as oil companies collapse
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The lies and insults that China has pointed at Canada

The fight over the arrest of a Huawei executive is getting ugly. So far, China has accused Canada of everything from ’white supremacy’ to having few friends.

Is it time to kill the funeral procession?

Drivers are less aware—and less respectful—of the fading tradition. And while accidents are rare, some argue the risks are now too high.