Chris Sorensen

Chris Sorensen is a senior writer, covering business and financial news. He has also written about the growing number of deadly airline disasters caused by confused pilots, and about sandwiches. Both stories were nominated for a National Magazine Award.

One man’s quest to save the seal industry

Battling against bans and bad press over the seal hunt, Bernie Halloran is single-handedly trying to revive Canada’s commercial seal business


Big law is having its Uber moment

It’s no longer just factory workers and long-haul truck drivers at risk of being replaced by robots. Now lawyers could be automated out of work, too.


Is B.C.’s plan for first-time homebuyers as crazy as it sounds?

Critics of Christy Clark’s plan ignore that governments elsewhere in Canada are already falling over themselves to give novice home purchasers a helping hand


Surviving foreclosure in Alberta: ‘I thought I could do it’

In Alberta, a combination of high house prices, soaring personal debt levels and a wave of job losses have pushed many into foreclosure


Is the world falling out of love with Facebook?

Facebook once promised to bring the world closer together. It is indeed ironic that Facebook is now at risk of driving us even further apart.

Facebook Instant Articles

Newsmakers: Elon Musk and his rocket plan

Our 2016 Newsmakers: Have Elon Musk’s visionary ideas gotten ahead of his ability to deliver? Don’t bet on it.

Economic analysis

What happens when the walls go up?

Trump wants to tear up trade deals like NAFTA. How will a trade-dependent economy like Canada cope in a protectionist world?

Economic analysis

Donald Trump won. Now the market freak-out begins.

Donald Trump has been elected to oversee an $18 trillion economy. Get ready for volatility.


Regulators put syndicated mortgages in their crosshairs

Regulators appear to finally be cracking down on a popular real-estate investment called a syndicated mortgage that promises big returns and low risks


Why looming trade troubles are bad news for Canada

International trade is slowing. Protectionism is on the rise. For a trade-dependent country like Canada, that spells big trouble.


David Miller: Why conservation needs to be king

In conversation with David Miller, the former Toronto mayor and current WWF-Canada CEO, about troubling new statistics and more


Glenn Gould offers lessons for Apple, and Ottawa, on innovation

When it comes to innovation Glenn Gould wasn’t all that different from Steve Jobs, says a professor from Apple University who is lecturing in Toronto this week.