Emily Senger

Emily Senger is a contributing editor. She helped Maclean's win a gold National Magazine Award for Website of the Year. She does most of her contributing from Alberta.
Maryam performs a mock checkup on a doll (Photograph by Kiana Hayeri)

Midwifery is in demand, but increasing school program capacity isn’t easy

Midwives are in demand across Canada, and students are keen to train. But universities can only admit 150 annually.
Anti-abortion protests at U of A. (Christina Vargais/The Gateway)

Who pays to protect free speech on campus

A decision in January by the Alberta Court of Appeal could put the onus on universities to cover the costs of facilitating free speech
U of T engineering students hard at work. (University of Toronto)

What to study to land one of Canada’s 10 best jobs

We crunched the data to find promising careers with big salaries. Here’s what to study to land something lucrative.

Reel justice prevails: This B.C. man won a 30-year battle to fish in a public lake

After a long dispute pitting local anglers against wealthy landowners, public interests against private, a recent court decision could set a precedent for public access to Crown-owned waters.

The forecast: sunny, with a chance of earthquakes

Forecasters predict a lovely mild winter, with a risk of a devastating flood or other disaster
Soyuz MS-11 space craft docking to the International space station

Is Canada’s space program slipping out of orbit?

Recent feel-good news masks shrinking budgets and a funding approach that researchers say discourages ’science for science’s sake’

Study in France: A guide for Canadian students

Ever wanted to study in an idyllic chalet, in the midst of a botanical garden, immersed in French? Here’s how to get an education in the Alps.

Study in the United States: A guide for Canadian students

Everything you need to know if you want a solid education south of the border—and wake up to the sound of dolphins after camping on a Hawaiian beach

Study in Australia: A guide for Canadian students

How to obtain a visa, how much it will cost and where to study

Study in the U.K.: A guide for Canadian students

How to get a visa, what it will cost and which schools to select