Emmett Macfarlane

Valerie Scott Amy Lebovitch

Prostitution laws: Over to you, Parliament

What the Supreme Court ruling means for the future of prostitution in Canada
Court Elections 20121210

Your guide to the Senate reform debate

Emmett Macfarlane on the Supreme Court’s Senate reference
Senate 20130522

The Harper government’s galling argument in the Senate reference

The government aims to change the amending formula by stealth
Gordie Odjig

On the power of the Governor General

A debate about the role of the David Johnston may seem arcane, but it’s also revealing
Court Elections 20121210

Supreme Court splits in messy decision on face veils

Balancing rules are akin to parking a tank on one side of a seesaw, writes Emmett Macfarlane
Court Elections 20121210

The Prudent Court: Anti-terrorism, charter rights and judicial caution

Supreme Court maintains cautious balance between national security concerns and individual rights
Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court makes the right call on election — but only just

Emmett McFarlane: ’The closer I read today’s judgment, the less convincing I find the minority’s logic’
Que Student Protests 20120522

Wrongs and rights: how did Quebec’s student standoff come to this?

There is no shortage of finger-pointing on either side
Que Student Protests 20120515

Quebec’s protest crackdown: It’s not just rights that make it wrong

The problem up until now has been a lack of enforcement, not a lack of legislation
gay marriage_slide

Are some marriages more equal than others?

Why federal lawyers are wrong to argue same-sex marriages by non-residents aren’t valid