Lev Bratishenko

Lev Bratishenko

First Spring Tent, 1978, by Napatchie Pootoogook Lithograph 51.3 x 67.5 cm (Courtesy of Dorset Fine Arts)

Our ancient ancestors may have been more civilized than we are

A new book offers a version of history in which we lived for thousands of years in large and complex societies without kings or cops
Cowboy on horse with lantern at dusk

The American West was even wilder than we think

Historian and author Mark A. Lause contends the cowboys of the mythic American West were more diverse—and downtrodden—than we realize
Attawapiskat Town 20160428

For Canada 150, architects should aim for solutions, not landmarks

Canada’s centennial spurred a slew of architectural glories. But 50 years later, a truly great monument would be a design for a better country
Stephan Jost photographed in Honolulu. (Tina Yuen/Pacific Business News)

For top cultural jobs, Canadians need not apply

Many of Canada’s biggest arts institutions are now run by foreigners. Is that so bad?
Half-masted European Union flag is seen on the roof of the European Parliament information office in Helsinki

A Thatcherite’s obituary for the European Union

A cleverly Brexit-timed release from London School of Economics professor John R. Gillingham

JFK as you’ve never heard him

An opera about an American icon by a Medicine Hat native opens in Fort Worth
Luca Pisaroni

What an opera review spiked by the National Post really tells us

A critic on the incident that has the international music world in a flap—and the troubling truth about art criticism in our times

A Burglar’s Guide to the City

Geoff Manaugh gives us a thief’s-eye-view of urban design

This is the new ’brain belt’

Cities in the economically depressed rust belt of North America are reinventing themselves with new technology

Remembering when architecture predicted the future

’Last Futures’ yearns for a time when we used architecture to imagine better futures for everyone, not just paying customers