Lindsay Jones

Brian Doucette (Jody Van Norden)

One man’s mission to find the presidential origins of his cabinet

How a troubling diagnosis led Nova Scotia’s Brian Doucette on a quest for the truth about his furniture

Norm Foley outside of Foley's Shed in Tilting (@joelandjustyna)

The most Irish island in the world is in Canada

A Newfoundland community dubbed ‘Canada’s Emerald Isle’ is struggling to save its identity

Maud Lewis in her studio, February, 1965. (Photo ©Bob Brooks)

Two paintings by a beloved Nova Scotia folk artist have vanished. Can they have gone far?

Maud Lewis’s paintings have recently become sought-after collectibles. Two have disappeared–and they’re tearing a community apart.

Mi’kmaq grandmothers and supporters celebrate the cancellation of the Alton Gas project (Photograph by Darren Calabrese)

The Indigenous grandmothers who stopped a pipeline

Plans to flush out salt caverns for gas storage hit a wall of Mi’kmaq grandmothers

Removing the dead whale was a gruelling task involving a tugboat, an excavator, knives, hip waders, protective eyewear and Vicks VapoRub (Ted Pritchard/CP)

What does it take to move a rotting whale carcass? Glute strength and Vicks VapoRub.

There is no creature more majestic than a blue whale, and few jobs less pleasant than getting rid of a deceased one that washed up on your public beach

Trinity, Nfld. (Karl-Heinz Raach/laif/Redux)

1-800 Call Kate: Is there a real person behind that Newfoundland tourism ad?

Lindsay Jones: I went looking for one of the people those gorgeous Newfoundland tourism ads invite you to call. She has an elusive quality.

The Shubenacadie Residential School in the 1940s (Courtesy of The Chronicle Herald)

The search for graves—and truth—at a Nova Scotia residential school

For decades, former students of the Shubenacadie Residential School shared accounts of deaths and at least one burial at the facility


Clinic 554 for sale as N.B. government refuses to cover cost of abortions outside hospitals

The couple running the Fredericton clinic absorbed the cost of abortions for those who couldn’t afford them, hoping the province would someday change its policy. Over time it took a toll on their finances.


What exactly did St. John’s do with all that snow?

Remember the record-breaking storm that left the city buried? Officials knew they’d run out of space to put the snow they were frantically clearing away. Here’s what they did with it.


This Fredericton Tim Hortons drive-through is a notorious traffic nuisance

The lineup of cars waiting to turn into the Timmies often clogs a major street in the city. The solution is a $40,000 taxpayer-funded road redesign—and not everyone is happy about it.


Halifax’s anti-smoking revolution is all smoke and mirrors

The bold new law that won Halifax plaudits hasn’t cleaned up sidewalks still littered with butts. People puff where they please.


This mysterious Arctic tree stump could reveal ancient secrets

A hunting party in Nunavut stumbled upon a rare sight: a tree stump poking out of the permafrost. However it got there, the wood will likely tell scientists secrets of the distant past