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Want to save money on university? Move far away from home.

To save on your education costs, go away for school—the further the better


The cost of a Canadian university education in six charts

Tuition is only part of the cost of going to university. There’s also the cost of books, food, travel and the occasional beer. Here’s how students finance their education.

Save money by living at home during university.

University Rankings 2018: The price tag for students living at home

To stay or to go? We crunched the numbers so you don’t have to

student housing: Jeremy Biro, a third year biology student at McMaster University, stands in the basement of his house in Hamilton, Ontario. Siro has issues with how his landlord neglects his house and the living conditions he is in.

Horror stories from off-campus housing

Vermin, broken locks and unethical landlords are a few of the trials faced by students looking for affordable housing, but some schools are trying to make things better

most expensive books

What Canadian university students can expect to pay for books

The cost of university adds up quickly, and books are major expenditure each year. Here, we rank most expensive schools and programs for books.

Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2018

Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2018: Explore the data

See how your community ranks among Canada’s Most Dangerous Places—explore Canada’s crime statistics with our interactive tool


Most dangerous places in Canada: How the ranking works

While the national crime rate has increased, it remains near historic lows. Unfortunately that can’t be said for all parts of the country.


Ranking Canadian universities on days of partying per week

Ranking Canada’s universities on the number of days when shenanigans occur


Ranking Canadian universities in 2018 on how they work—and party

Our 2018 ranking of the top schools in Canada for students who enjoy both working hard and partying hard


Canada’s top party schools 2018

Universities where students enjoy the most hijinks per week, according to our annual survey of 23,384 undergraduates


Ranking Canadian Universities by Marijuana Use of Students

Our annual student survey reveals which schools—and which programs—report the highest pot use.

How parents can help students pay for university education tuition

What does a University Education Cost in Canada?

We asked 23,382 undergraduate students to tell us how much they spend their education. Here’s what they told us