Michael Friscolanti

Senior writer Michael Friscolanti spends a lot of time at crime scenes and courthouses. The author of 'Friendly Fire: The Untold Story of the U.S. Bombing That Killed Four Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan,' he has won three CAJ Awards for investigative journalism and four National Magazine Awards.
Zachary Bonneau. (Photo illustration by Hsiao-Ron Cheng)

Every 49 minutes

That’s how frequently people died of drug poisoning in Canada during one dreadful week last summer. Here, their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters share a message: the opioid crisis touches everyone.


These Syrian refugees became Canadians. Just in time to vote.

A small but growing number of the Syrian refugees who have resettled in Canada will be able to vote in this election. It’s a big moment when back home, an election was basically a “theatre act.”


The Supreme Court will decide if two sons of KGB spies can be Canadian

Four years after Ottawa revoked the brothers’ citizenship, the Supreme Court will hear one final appeal launched by the Trudeau government


Two sons of KGB spies will soon learn if Canada’s top court will hear their appeal to remain Canadian citizens

With the Supreme Court about to announce if it will hear their case, here’s everything you need to know about the strange saga of the Vavilov brothers


Former CEO of Barry Sherman’s drug company fights back in ‘pillow-talk’ suit

Jeremy Desai denies being romantically involved with the executive of a rival firm and obtaining valuable trade secrets from her


Barry Sherman’s company says fired employee stole valuable drug secrets

A lawsuit filed by Apotex months before the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman alleges the worker planned to start his own drug-making company


Barry Sherman’s legal battle with his cousins goes on weeks after his murder

Winning $300,000 in costs from his relatives apparently wasn’t enough. The day after his memorial, the drug tycoon’s lawyers appealed for more than three times that amount.


Son of Russian spies can travel home to Canada, judge rules

The Trudeau government has been ordered to issue citizenship documents and a passport to the Toronto-born son of elite Russian spies at the centre of a Supreme Court battle


Judge greenlights lawsuit alleging Barry Sherman’s company stole rival’s trade secrets

The ruling comes shortly after Jeremy Desai, the man at the centre of the lawsuit, stepped down as Apotex CEO ‘to pursue other opportunities’


Barry and Honey Sherman murders: What’s slowing the cops down at Apotex headquarters

Files covered by solicitor-client privilege might hold the case-breaking clue. Who decides whether police can see them?


Barry Sherman’s death cuts short the lobbying probe against him

The democracy watchdog group that complained about Sherman’s activities promises to challenge the decision in court


Barry Sherman’s death is forcing the lobbying commissioner to make a tough decision

Nancy Bélanger tells court she’ll decide by Feb. 2 whether to keep investigating Sherman’s cash-for-access fundraiser featuring Justin Trudeau