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Bing Yu Jiao in his Chinatown studio apartment: finding connection in a kind of subdued facsimile of home. (Photograph by Felicia Chang)

Seniors in Vancouver’s Chinatown are battling poverty and racism to put food on the table

How a community program is knocking down barriers and feeding seniors
Flaherty, as the boxes of donated food and essentials piled up in her home. (Courtesy of Kyra Flaherty)

How an Iqaluit mom’s TikTok videos turned her home into a de facto food bank

Kyra Flaherty used the social media platform to reveal Nunavut’s sky-high grocery prices. Then the donations started arriving.
(Courtesy of Tim Fraser/Meals on Wheels)

Demand for Meals on Wheels—and the drivers who make it possible—is soaring

The pandemic made these low-profile food delivery agencies into essential services. Now they’re entering their busiest season.
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How grocery gift cards could transform holiday giving

One foundation in Calgary has shifted from giving food to providing the ability to shop for it. Early signs suggest it serves families better.

What happened to the Liberals’ concern about hunger and food insecurity?

The Throne Speech shook hopes that the Trudeau government will take meaningful action on a fast-growing problem
Farms surrounded by floodwaters in Abbotsford, B.C., on Wednesday (Darryl Dyck/CP)

The B.C. floods are a mere hint of what climate change could do to the food supply

Barren store shelves will refill, and farmers will rebound in the short term, says food security expert Lenore Newman. But the system just can’t take disaster after disaster.
Workers restock shelves at a grocery store in Toronto early in the pandemic. (Frank Gunn/CP)

How blockchain could revolutionize food supply chains—and lower your grocery bill

The technology could hold the key to logistical problems that drive up prices. But will it also entrench the food industry’s biggest players?
(Courtesy of Guelph Campus Food Bank)

The fight to end hunger on Canadian university campuses

Forty per cent of post-secondary students in Canada are food insecure. Schools—and other students—are finding solutions.
UBC's Fooood location (Photograph by Felicia Chang)

The grassroots food insecurity initiatives putting an end to the ’starving student’

Student and admin-led efforts are leading the charge to stop food insecurity on Canadian university campuses
Grocery receipt from Kyra Flaherty. (Kyra Flaherty/@arcticmakeup/TikTok)

This Nunavut grocery receipt shows just how pricey food is in the North

Northerners face the highest rates of food insecurity in Canada. A receipt from a recent shopping trip in Iqaluit illustrates the problem.