Peter Shawn Taylor


How Canada can produce more ‘unicorns’ and dominate the tech world

Wilfrid Laurier University’s business school has a program to help Canadian start-ups take on world markets—and win. And it’s free.

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What’s really making North Americans so unhappy?

Peter Shawn Taylor: Happiness researchers like Jeffrey Sachs argue we’re suffering from an epidemic of addictions. But science and history tell a different story.


How Syrian refugees to Canada have fared since 2015

It hasn’t been easy, and Syrian newcomers are forced to overcome serious language and employment barriers, but early fears about how thousands of new families would cope were misplaced.


Could helping boys be the key to closing the STEM gap?

Peter Shawn Taylor: The gender gap in science and technology graduates is a persistent problem. New research suggests we may be approaching it all wrong.


The retirement age in Canada is too low—and that’s a growing problem

Peter Shawn Taylor: The Liberals reversed a plan to push the eligibility age for retirement benefits to 67. It goes against global trends and economic reality.

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The new Food Guide’s best advice: eat with others

Peter Shawn Taylor: There’s plenty of evidence that if we follow this simple advice, we won’t need governments telling us what to eat in the first place


An arms race that Canada could actually win

In its push to develop Artificial Intelligence, Canada could become a major player in a technology that will be crucial to the global balance of power

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What the deficit-loving Trudeau Liberals could learn from General Motors

Peter Shawn Taylor: When the economy is good, it’s time to plan for the future. That’s what GM is doing, while the Trudeau government keeps spending.

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The trauma of high school gym class

Peter Shawn Taylor: Humiliations on the parquet floor linger long into adulthood and could even have public health consequences says a new study

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The de facto veto on building pipelines in Canada

Peter Shawn Taylor: The courts say there is no Indigenous ‘veto’ over resource projects, but on Trans Mountain it has effectively happened

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What it would really take to close the gender wage gap

Peter Shawn Taylor: A look at Nordic countries reveals the big obstacle to eliminating gender pay gaps is the preferences of female workers themselves

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Why Canadian baby boomers gave up on hitchhiking

Peter Shawn Taylor explains the rise and fall of the golden—and federally funded—age of hitchhiking