Sarah Treleaven

Cape Breton1

How three sisters (and their mom) tried to swindle the CRA out of millions

The Saker women were the model of rural ingenuity, running a successful restaurant and gourmet food businesses on Cape Breton Island. What they were mostly cooking? The books.

The nurse imposter

Brigitte Cleroux faked her credentials and treated hundreds of patients across Canada. Why did no one stop her?
At U of T, a young woman was handcuffed after asking for help with her mental health (Photograph by Christopher Katsarov)

Inside the mental health crisis at Canadian universities

Students are at increasing risk of mental health problems, and universities are struggling in their efforts to respond

The gig economy keeps growing, but its workers are fed up

Collective action has become a rallying cry around the world for Foodora couriers, Uber drivers, and other gig economy workers. But will the movement be successful?

Life after foster care in Canada

Kids who grow up in the system are not expected to do well. That’s a big part of why they don’t.

Adoptive parents want to earn their kids’ trust. But they need more time.

Making an adopted child feel part of the family takes years. Why don’t leave policies reflect it?
Why even the smallest businesses need to focus on workplace culture

Why even the smallest businesses need to focus on workplace culture

Small business owners often think culture is a problem only for giant corporations, but it can make or break companies of any size