Tamsin McMahon

Maclean’s associate editor Tamsin McMahon covers business and the economy. Previously she has written about crime and politics for several Canadian newspapers and has been nominated for a Michener Award and a National Newspaper Award.

Data from wearables could be used as evidence—for or against you

Expert witness: Will information from a fitness tracker hold up in court?


Inside your teenager’s scary brain

New research shows incredible cognitive potential—and vulnerability—during adolescence. For parents, the stakes couldn’t be higher.


Janet Yellen, the central banker with the human touch

A woman with a populist focus, driven by a mission of ‘morality,’ is now the world’s most powerful central banker


Bigstone’s lost opportunity

A poor reserve in the oil sands, beside one of Alberta’s richest Aboriginal communities. Why Opportunity works and Bigstone doesn’t.


Can the oil sands really be the saviour of Ontario manufacturing?

Central Canada has largely failed to capitalize on Alberta’s booming oil sector. That needs to change.


When office lotto pools go bad

Messy lottery disputes are increasingly pitting co-worker against co-worker as office pools lawyer up


Infographic: A closer look at Canada’s generation spending gap

What you need to know about the new income divide in Canada

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From 2014: Brian Spenceley recalls the expedition when he first saw his great-great uncle


Toronto mayoral race: Battle of the subways

Who has the best vision for public transit?

Economic analysis

It’s time to consider a local minimum wage

Why should a fast food worker in downtown Toronto make the same as one in Northern Ontario?


Seniors and the generation spending gap

Why are we doing so much to try to help seniors when they’re already the wealthiest generation in history?


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