Zane Schwartz

Zane Schwartz is a journalist at Maclean's. He has previously written for The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.

How to save thousands of dollars at university

Keep costs down with these 14 money-saving tips


Canadian universities are failing students on sexual assault

An exclusive Maclean’s investigation—including interviews with dozens of survivors—uncovers how universities routinely abandon victims.

UBC Global Reporting Centre Student

UBC Global Reporting Centre wants to train better foreign correspondents

Student correspondents work with news outlets on real stories


Sarah Glidden’s timely meditation on journalism

Glidden, a cartoonist, humanizes people making hard choices under impossible circumstances


Why bombs won’t stop terrorism

Drone strikes are a largely irrelevant tactic, designed to make Americans feel better, argues Patrick Cockburn


M.G. Vassanji delivers a dystopian story

Where debate gets bogged down in a poorly constructed world


New curriculum addresses mental health for young doctors

Making literal life-or-death decisions right out of med school takes a psychological toll


The Jungle South of the Mountain explores animal intelligence

Andrew Westoll’s story of a primatologist and his capuchins aptly describes animals’ grace and intelligence—but is unfortunately plodding and derivative


The Muse: A novel celebrating art

Jessie Burton’s historical fiction is elevated to fine literature


What needs to happen for Trump to win in November

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are sagging just a week after he pulled even with Hillary Clinton. A few swing states and split votes could help his cause.

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Could Trump launch nuclear war?

If elected president, yes. The U.S. commander in chief has complete and total control over America’s 1,538 nuclear warheads.


In Ireland, an orange rage continues to burn over the Twelfth

In Northern Ireland, sparks between Catholics and Protestants are still everywhere, alight