Inconvenient truth?

Al Gore drops a hint about Apple’s anticipated new iPhone launch
16 Mar 2011, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia --- epa02637052 Former US Vice President and Peace Nober Prize laureate Al Gore speaks during a conference in Bogota, Colombia, 16 March 2011. Gore made proposals against the global warming and the climate change. EPA/CARLOS DURAN --- Image by © CARLOS DURAN/epa/Corbis
Inconvenient truth?
Carlos Duran/Corbis

Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore, the self-described inventor of the Internet and global warming prophet, has once again displayed his oracular powers. While speaking last week at an economic conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, Gore, an Apple board member, made specific mention of “the new iPhones coming out next month.” His statement, which he said was intended to be a “plug,” sent tech watchers into a tizzy of speculation over whether Apple would be launching not one, but two models of the iPhone—a slightly upgraded iPhone 4S and the brand new (and hotly anticipated) iPhone 5—at a rumoured launch event on Oct. 4. Neither Gore nor Apple, which is notoriously secretive about new products, has clarified the remarks. But given his inside knowledge of the company’s plans, Gore seems to have confirmed that there will be at least one new iPhone hitting the shelves in October.