The now friendlier skies

Internal political divisions at EADS, makers of the Airbus A400M, have settled

Victor R Caivano/AP/CP

Airbus parent EADS was conceived as a pan-European aerospace company, but, like the politically turbulent eurozone, the ride hasn’t always been smooth. Created in 2000 by the merger of German and French aerospace interests, EADS has often been roiled by costly internal political divisions—most notably leading to delays of its Airbus A380 “superjumbo” program. So it’s not surprising that a redesign of EADS’s corporate identity will reportedly ditch all national references.

That includes the existing logo, a combination of the logos of co-founders Daimler­Chrysler Aerospace AG of Germany and Aérospatiale-Matra of France. EADS is not commenting on the redesign, but CEO Louis Gallois recently told Reuters that there is now a more “serene” climate inside the company. Which should make investors—not to mention passengers—rest a little easier.

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