Age cap on student bus passes reversed

In rare unanimous decision, Ottawa city council votes to remove 28+ age limit on student passes

Ottawa’s city council has voted unanimously to allow students 28 and older to purchase student bus passes again.

City council set the age limit on student bus passes last December, and once the policy took effect in July students began protesting the decision.

Students from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa presented council with 2,400 signatures demanding that the policy be reversed. Student groups argued that all students face the same type of financial barriers, regardless of their age.

Many city councillors spoke in favour of the motion, some admitting they had made a serious mistake. Others also took the opportunity to criticize council’s decision to reject a universal bus pass proposal earlier this year.

The move will cost OC Transpo $220,000 per year, but saves students 28 and older about $20 on a monthly bus pass.