Carleton should ditch the Canadian Federation of Students

It’s ineffective, undemocratic and wastes money
gay blood donation protesters

Carleton students right on blood ban

Canadian Blood Services needs to change its policies
Khomeini Iran

Carleton, Khomeini, and free speech

University defends controversial campus conference

Playing favourites with ideology

Carleton student union upholds decision to ban anti-abortion group

Carleton student union to enact discriminatory ban

Threat to decertify pro-life group ignores union’s pledge to protect campus diversity
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Students fight admin over control of frosh week

Admin wants a more academic-oriented experience for new students
studentgov_Carol Browne

Break out the bullhorn

Student papers out questionable campaign practices
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Age cap on student bus passes reversed

In rare unanimous decision, Ottawa city council votes to remove 28+ age limit on student passes
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Ottawa students demand reversal of age cap on bus passes

City council will decide Sept. 9 if it will reverse policy forcing students 28+ to purchase pricier adult pass
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Northrup’s return is proof of a broken system

Bad decision is a small part of the bigger picture, as democratic deficit on Carleton’s campus grows