Cheers to the Science Pub

Café lectures trend grows

beerThe University of Regina is offering free general interest lectures served alongside pints of beer.

It’s part of a growing trend in university towns where students are proving they’re interested in learning for the sake of learning—so long as they can simultaneously eat snacks and drink beer.

The Science Pub series was created by Bev Robertson, a professor emeritus who now owns the Bushwakker Brewpub where the monthly event is held. He told the Leader-Post that he got the idea after hearing about similar events further west.

It’s an eclectic series. Last month’s lecture, Seeing the Unexpected: Peeking at the Earth from Space, was presented by geography Prof. Joseph Piwowar. Before that, Prof. David Gerhard spoke on “the DIY Robot Revolution.” This week, attendees will learn about eco-friendly house design.

The events are reminiscent of the Parisian philosophy cafés where everyday people would gather and learn over cappucinos on Sundasy. But it seems the that the Canadian version is more likely to be held in bars. Cape Breton University has a regular lecture series that is also held in a pub.